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"Saw Brent and the guys this morning. Please pass on to Brent and the team that I think they are doing an awesome job. It is really exciting see the progress they are making. It’s a difficult job and I am impressed with the way they tackle each obstacle as it comes up. I also welcome and appreciate the suggestions they make as we go along, whether it is about the position of light switches and power points, or the colour we should paint the front door. They are all welcome. Take care and thanks. Regards Bob and Bev."

"Dear Brent, Following the recent re cladding work conducted at my property in Point Chevalier I wanted to convey my appreciation for the excellent work and the professional manner in which the work was carried out. I was surprised how fast your team worked completing the contract well ahead of schedule and the courtesy displayed to our circumstances particularly having to live in the house during such a major project. The daily clean up of the site to minimize the mess made the process of living at home easy. The end product is very much to my high expectations and I would have no hesitation to recommend your services should a client need reference in the future. Should I have the need to use building services again I will definitely be in contact. Regards Craig"

“The Rolls Royce of reclads" "Hi Brent, Just letting you know I've had an inspection done on the house for selling and the inspector was very complimentary. Called in the "Rolls Royce of reclads", so that's fantastic for me to hear and not only that is very complementary to the job you did (which I never had any doubts about anyway). So all I can say is thanks again for a job well done and keep up the good work. All the best for the future. Cheers Anita"

"Whilst penning this email, I want to make comment or two, as I had meant to earlier in respect of the involvement of Brent Monrad on the site. From the time that Brent took over the on site management of the works on my unit 24, I was impressed with his ability to deal with the various issues that passed him by constantly during a typical day. He had a keen approach to making sure the work took place in a professional way and that those details often not seen, were as important to get right as those more obviously out in the open. He was very good to deal with from my own point of view and whilst I appreciated he often appeared as 'the meat in the sandwich' between myself as the client at one end he managed I believe to serve both needs particularly well. From comments made by other residents in the complex, and having regard for previous experiences of the other building works undertaken, it would seem that Brent made sure that regard was given to keeping the intrusive nature of the current works programmed to a minimum. All in all, I would commend him.  Kind Regards Greg"

"It was a pleasure dealing with Brent on a weekly basis for the repairs of Parnell Greens. From start to finish Brent gave 100% commitment to this project. I was a bit concerned with timing and not knowing what to expect, but he always reassured me and showed me progress each week. He stripped down the house in record time to make room for new materials and finishing touches.  No job was too big or too small for him, he followed very well any instructions or changes from my side. His ability to recommend various options to fix any issues saved me a lot of time and costs. He managed to communicate extremely well between all 3 parties involved, and always passed on information and advised me of any problems straight away. Being a first time owner of a leaky home, this whole process has been very stressful, time consuming and costly to say the least, but Brent made this experience almost enjoyable for me, I learnt a lot about building that's for sure. Overall, Brent proved to be very professional and well organised with his team, and I highly recommend his services.  Sincerely Fabienne"

"It took me three years to go through the leaky homes claims process and when the re-clad of my home was due to actually happen I must admit I had no idea what to expect and how I would deal with anything that might not go to plan. However thanks to Brent and his team of builders and workers I didn’t have to worry at all. Brent just took over and everything went to plan completely drama free. I was amazed at how organised Brent was, how he managed his team and how hard they all worked to get the job done. I was always kept up to date with what stage they were at, when inspections were taking place, whether there was anything I’d like to change and was I happy with what had been done so far. If a matter arose from an inspection it was discussed with me and the solution was always put to me for my approval before anything further was done. Finding someone to undertake such a major job is not always easy and I was extremely lucky having Brent to take over a project that could have been very stressful on my part. His experience with the re-clad of leaky homes is invaluable, he is very professional on all levels and gives 100% all the way. If you are considering a re-clad of your existing home, a new build or an alteration and you want the job done well and to a very high standard then I highly recommend Brent. You’ll be glad you took him on.  Anita"

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